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@g (autoglob)

Laurence MorganLess than 1 minute

@g (autoglob)

Command prefix to expand globbing (deprecated)


This feature is now deprecated and only applies to murex version 2:

By default Murex does not expand globbing (* and ? wildcards) instead encouraging the use of g (and similar) inside a subshell. While the aim of this is to promote correctness, it can be a little annoying while working in the interactive shell. For this reason you can prefix any command with @g to enable Bash-like globbing.


@g command ...


@g echo *


As of Murex 2.9 and above it is possible to enable automatic globbing in the interactive shell without having to prefix the command with @g by enabling the following config option:

config: set shell auto-glob true

It is enabled by default on from version 3.x onwards (and renamed to expand-glob)

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