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Change (working) directory


Changes current working directory.


cd [path]


Home directory:

» cd ~

Running cd without a parameter will also change to the current user's home directory:

» cd

Navigating to the previous directory:

» cd -

Absolute path:

» cd /etc/

Relative path:

» cd Documents
» cd ./Documents


cd updates an environmental variable, $PWDHIST with an array of paths. You can then use that to change to a previous directory.

View the working directory history:


Change to a previous directory:

» cd $PWDHIST[-1]

cd - is syntactic sugar for $PWDHIST[-1]


Some people prefer to omit cd and just write the path, with their shell automatically changing to that directory if the "command" is just a directory. In Murex you can enable this behaviour by turning on "auto-cd":

config set shell auto-cd true

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