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Reserved Variables

Laurence MorganLess than 1 minute

Reserved Variables

Special variables reserved by Murex

In Murex, there are five different classes of variables:

  1. Local variables (scope limited to a function et al)
  2. Module variables (scoped to a module)
  3. Global variables (available to every function within Murex but not shared with processes outside of the Murex's runtime)
  4. Environmental variables (available to every function and process -- internal and external to Murex)
  5. Reserved variables

Reserved variables are data that are available to any code running within Murex and exposed as a variable.

Because reserved variables are dynamic properties of the runtime environment, they can only be queried and not set:

» set SELF="foobar"
Error in `set` (0,1): cannot set a reserved variable: SELF

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