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An intuitive, typed and content aware shell for the 2020s and beyond.

🛟 Language Tour🪨 Rosetta Stone🐚 Interactive Shell📦 Install

👁‍🗨 Screenshots

Check out the Language Tour and Interactive Shell guides!

📦 Easy to Install

Install Murex from your favorite package manager:

# via Homebrew:
brew install murex

# via MacPorts:
port install murex

More options are available in the INSTALL document.

🛟 Getting Started

  • Read the language tour to get started.

  • The Rosetta Stone is a great cheatsheet for those wishing to skip the tutorials and jump straight in. This guide includes comparisons with Bash.

  • The Interactive Shell guide walks you through using Murex as a command line as opposed to a scripting language.

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