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Run processes in the background


bg supports two modes: it can either be run as a function block which will execute in the background, or it can take stopped processes and daemonize them.


POSIX only:

bg { code block }

bg fid


bg { sleep 5; out "Morning" }


The examples above will work on any system (Windows included). However the ctrl+z usage of backgrounding a stopped process (like Bash) is only supported on POSIX systems due to the limitation of required signals on non-platforms. This means the usage described in the examples is cross cross platform while bg int currently does not work on Windows nor Plan 9.

See Also

  • exec: Runs an executable
  • fg: Sends a background process into the foreground
  • fid-kill: Terminate a running Murex function
  • fid-killall: Terminate all running Murex functions
  • fid-list: Lists all running functions within the current Murex session
  • jobs: Lists all running functions within the current Murex session

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