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Terminate a running Murex function


fid-kill will terminate a running Murex function in a similar way that the POSIX kill (superficially speaking).


fid-kill fid


fid-kill doesn't send a kernel signal to the process since Murex is a multi-threaded shell with a single signal, fid-kill will send a cancellation context to any builtins executing (which covers builtins, aliases, public and private functions and any external executables running which were launched within the current Murex shell).

The FID (function ID) sent is not the same as a POSIX (eg Linux, macOS, BSD) PID (process ID). You can obtain a FID from fid-list.

See Also

  • bexists: Check which builtins exist
  • bg: Run processes in the background
  • builtins: Returns runtime information on the internal state of Murex
  • exec: Runs an executable
  • fexec: Execute a command or function, bypassing the usual order of precedence.
  • fg: Sends a background process into the foreground
  • fid-killall: Terminate all running Murex functions
  • fid-list: Lists all running functions within the current Murex session
  • jobs: Lists all running functions within the current Murex session
  • murex-update-exe-list: Forces Murex to rescan $PATH looking for executables

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