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ja (mkarray)

Laurence MorganLess than 1 minute

ja (mkarray)

A sophisticated yet simply way to build a JSON array


Murex has a pretty sophisticated builtin for generating JSON arrays. It works a little bit like Bash's {1..9} syntax but includes a few additional nifty features.

Please note that while this builtin is not marked for deprecation, it has been superseded by the %[] tokens. (read more)


ja [start..end] -> <stdout>
ja [start..end.base] -> <stdout>
ja [start..end,start..end] -> <stdout>
ja [start..end][start..end] -> <stdout>


» ja [1..5]
» ja [Monday..Sunday]

Please note that as per the first example, all arrays generated by ja are arrays of strings - even if you're command is ranging over integers.


Please read the documentation on a for a more detailed breakdown on of ja's supported features.

See Also

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