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Match an exact value in an array


match takes input from STDIN and returns any array items / lines which contain an exact match of the parameters supplied.

When multiple parameters are supplied they are concatenated into the search string and white space delimited. eg all three of the below are the same:

match "a b c"
match a\sb\sc
match a b c
match a    b    c

If you want to return everything except the search string then use !match


Match every occurrence of search string

<stdin> -> match search string -> <stdout>

Match everything except search string

<stdin> -> !match search string -> <stdout>


Match Wed

» ja [Monday..Friday] -> match Wed

Match everything except Wed

» ja [Monday..Friday] -> !match Wed


match is data-type aware so will work against lists or arrays of whichever Murex data-type is passed to it via STDIN and return the output in the same data-type.


  • match
  • !match
  • list.string

See Also

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