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Regexp tools for arrays / lists of strings


regexp provides a few tools for text matching and manipulation against an array or list of strings - thus regexp is Murex data-type aware.


<stdin> -> regexp expression -> <stdout>


Find elements

» ja [monday..sunday] -> regexp 'f/^([a-z]{3})day/'

This returns only 3 days because only 3 days match the expression (where the days have to be 6 characters long) and then it only returns the first 3 characters because those are inside the parenthesis.

Match elements

Elements containing

» ja [monday..sunday] -> regexp 'm/(mon|fri|sun)day/'

Elements excluding

» ja [monday..sunday] -> !regexp 'm/(mon|fri|sun)day/'

Substitute expression

» ja [monday..sunday] -> regexp 's/day/night/'


  • f output found expressions (doesn't support bang prefix)
  • m output elements that match expression (supports bang prefix)
  • s output all elements - substituting elements that match expression (doesn't support bang prefix)


regexp is data-type aware so will work against lists or arrays of whichever Murex data-type is passed to it via STDIN and return the output in the same data-type.


  • regexp
  • !regexp
  • list.regex

See Also

  • 2darray: Create a 2D JSON array from multiple input sources
  • a (mkarray): A sophisticated yet simple way to build an array or list
  • append: Add data to the end of an array
  • count: Count items in a map, list or array
  • ja (mkarray): A sophisticated yet simply way to build a JSON array
  • jsplit: Splits STDIN into a JSON array based on a regex parameter
  • map: Creates a map from two data sources
  • match: Match an exact value in an array
  • msort: Sorts an array - data type agnostic
  • prefix: Prefix a string to every item in a list
  • prepend: Add data to the start of an array
  • pretty: Prettifies JSON to make it human readable
  • suffix: Prefix a string to every item in a list
  • ta (mkarray): A sophisticated yet simple way to build an array of a user defined data-type

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