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A date and/or time conversion tool (like printf but for date and time values)


While date is a standard UNIX tool, it's syntax can vary from Linux to macOS. datetype aims to be a cross platform alternative while also offering a range of saner syntax options too.

The syntax for datetime is modelled from date and time libraries from various popular programming languages.


Pass date/time value as a parameter:

datetime --in "format" --out "format" --value "date/time" -> <stdout>

Read date/time value from STDIN:

<stdin> -> datetime --in "format" --out "format" -> <stdout>


Output current date and time:

» datetime --in "{now}" --out "{go}01/02/06 15:04:05"
12/08/21 22:32:30

Convert STDIN into epoch:

» echo "12/08/21 22:32:30" -> datetime --in "{go}01/02/06 15:04:05" --out "{unix}"

Convert value passed as a command line argument:

» datetime --value "12/08/21 22:32:30" --in "{go}01/02/06 15:04:05" --out "{unix}"


  • --in Defines the date/time string is formatted in --value
  • --out Defined how the date/time string should be formatted in STDOUT
  • --value Date/time value to convert (if omitted and the input format is not set to {now} then date/time is read from STDIN)


Date Time Format Code Parsers

datetime supports a number of parsers, defined in curly braces.

{py}: Python strftime / strptime format codes

Murex doesn't support all the language and locale features of Python, instead defaulting to English. However enough support is there to cover most use cases.

Documentation regarding these format codes can be found on docs.python.orgopen in new window.

{go}: Go (lang) time.Time format codes

Murex has full support for Go's date/time parsing.

Documentation regarding these format codes can be found on pkg.go.devopen in new window.

{now}: Current date and time

This is only supported as an input. When it is used --value flag is not required.

See Also

  • [ ..Range ]: Outputs a ranged subset of data from STDIN
  • a (mkarray): A sophisticated yet simple way to build an array or list

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