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Lists or filters file system objects (eg files)


f lists or filters lists of file system objects, such as files, directories, etc. f provides a quick way to output file system items that confirm to specific criteria.

You define this criteria by using +flags (eg +s for all symlinks) and optionally then restricting that criteria with -flags (eg -x to remove all executable items). All flags supported as + are also supported as a -.

By default f will return no results. You need to include +flags.

Output is a JSON array as this format preserves whitespace in file names.


f options -> <stdout>

<stdin> -> f options -> <stdout>


Return only directories:

f +d

Return file and directories but exclude symlinks:

f +fd -s

Filter out files in a list (eg created by g) using conditions set by f:

g '*.go' -> f +f

rx '\.(txt|md)' -> f +fw


  • + include files (pair this with any other flag apart from -)
  • - exclude files (pair this with any other flag apart from +)
  • ? deprecated -- use i instead
  • D regular directories
  • E other read permissions
  • F regular files (exc symlinks, devices, sockets, named pipes, etc)
  • Q other write permissions
  • R user read permissions
  • S sockets
  • W user write permissions
  • X user execute permissions
  • Z other execute permissions
  • b block devices
  • c character devices
  • d all directories (inc symlinks)
  • e group read permissions
  • f all files (inc symlinks, devices, sockets, name pipes, etc)
  • i irregular files (nothing else is known about these files)
  • l symlinks
  • p POSIX named pipes (FIFO)
  • q group write permissions
  • r read permissions (user, group, or other)
  • s symlinks
  • w write permissions (user, group, or other)
  • x execute permissions (user, group, or other)
  • z group execute permissions


+ flags are always matched first. Then the - flags are used to filter out any matches from the + flags.

See Also

  • g: Glob pattern matching for file system objects (eg *.txt)
  • json: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • rx: Regexp pattern matching for file system objects (eg .*\\.txt)

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