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Print a string to the STDOUT and set it's data-type


Write parameters to STDOUT without a trailing new line character. Cast the output's data-type to the value of the first parameter.


tout data-type "string to write" -> <stdout>


» tout json { "Code": 404, "Message": "Page not found" } -> pretty
    "Code": 404,
    "Message": "Page not found"


tout supports ANSI constants.

Unlike out, tout does not append a carriage return / line feed.

See Also

  • ANSI Constants: Infixed constants that return ANSI escape sequences
  • (brace quote): Write a string to the STDOUT without new line (deprecated)
  • cast: Alters the data type of the previous function without altering it's output
  • err: Print a line to the STDERR
  • format: Reformat one data-type into another data-type
  • out: Print a string to the STDOUT with a trailing new line character
  • pretty: Prettifies JSON to make it human readable

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