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- Subtraction Operator

Laurence MorganLess than 1 minute

- Subtraction Operator

Subtracts one numeric value from another (expression)


The Subtraction Operator takes the right hand number from the left hand number in an expression.



» 3-2


out (3-2)
» 1


Type Safety

Because shells are historically untyped, you cannot always guarantee that a numeric-looking value isn't a string. To solve this problem, by default Murex assumes anything that looks like a number is a number when performing addition.

» str = "2"
» int = 3
» $str + $int

For occasions when type safety is more important than the convenience of silent data casting, you can disable the above behaviour via config:

» config set proc strict-types false
» $str + $int
Error in `expr` (0,1): cannot Add with string types
                    > Expression: $str + $int
                    >           : ^
                    > Character : 1
                    > Symbol    : Scalar
                    > Value     : '$str'

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