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/= Divide By Operator

Laurence MorganLess than 1 minute

/= Divide By Operator

Divides a variable by the right hand value (expression)


The Divide By operator takes the value of the variable specified on the left side of the operator and divides it by the value on the right hand side. Then it assigns the result back to the variable specified on the left side.

It is ostensibly just shorthand for $i = $i / value.

This operator is only available in expressions.


» $i = 3
» $i /= 2
» $i


Strict Types

Unlike with the standard arithmetic operators (+, -, *, /), silent data casting isn't supported with arithmetic assignments like +=, -=, *= and /=. Not even when strict-types is disabled.

You can work around this by using the slightly longer syntax: variable = value op value, for example:

» $i = "3"
» $i = $i + "2"
» $i

Please note that this behaviour might change in a later release of Murex.

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