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?: Elvis Operator

Laurence MorganAbout 1 min

?: Elvis Operator

Returns the right operand if the left operand is falsy (expression)


The Elvis Operator is a little like a conditional where the result of the operation is the first non-falsy value from left to right.

A falsy value is any of the following:

  • an unset / undefined variable
  • any value with a null data type
  • a str or generic with the value false, null, 0, no, off, fail, failed, or disabled
  • a number (num, float or int) with the value 0
  • an empty object or zero length array
  • and, of course, a boolean with the value false


Assign a variable with a default value:

» $foo = $bar ?: "baz"

If $bar is falsy, then the value of $foo will be "baz".

Multiple elvis operators:

» $unset_variable ?: null ?: false ?: "foobar"


Whats in a name?

Wikipediaopen in new window explains this best where it says:

The name "Elvis operator" refers to the fact that when its common notation, ?:, is viewed sideways, it resembles an emoticon of Elvis Presley with his signature hairstyle.

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