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&& And Logical Operator

Laurence MorganLess than 1 minute

&& And Logical Operator

Continues next operation if previous operation passes


When in the normal run mode (see "schedulers" link below) this will only run the command on the right hand side if the command on the left hand side does not error. Neither STDOUT nor STDERR are piped.

This has no effect in try nor trypipe run modes because they automatically apply stricter error handling.


Second command runs because the first command doesn't error:

» out one && out two

Second command does not run because the first command produces an error:

» err one && out two


This is equivalent to a try block:

try {
    err one
    out two

See Also

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  • ?: Elvis Operator: Returns the right operand if the left operand is falsy (expression)
  • ? STDERR Pipe: Pipes STDERR from the left hand command to STDIN of the right hand command (DEPRECATED)
  • err: Print a line to the STDERR
  • out: Print a string to the STDOUT with a trailing new line character
  • try: Handles non-zero exits inside a block of code
  • trypipe: Checks for non-zero exits of each function in a pipeline
  • || Or Logical Operator: Continues next operation only if previous operation fails

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