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* (generic)

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* (generic)

generic (primitive)


This is the default data type used when STDOUT is returned from any external executables.

Supported Hooks

  • Marshal() Supported. Tables columns are aligned
  • ReadArray() Treats each new line as a new array element
  • ReadArrayWithType() Treats each new line as a new array element, each element is *
  • ReadIndex() Indexes treated as table coordinates
  • ReadMap() Works against tables such as the output from ps -fe
  • ReadNotIndex() Indexes treated as table coordinates
  • Unmarshal() Supported
  • WriteArray() Writes a new line per array element - tabs are treated as columns

See Also

  • [[ Element ]]: Outputs an element from a nested structure
  • cast: Alters the data type of the previous function without altering it's output
  • format: Reformat one data-type into another data-type
  • int: Whole number (primitive)
  • num (number): Floating point number (primitive)
  • open: Open a file with a preferred handler
  • runtime: Returns runtime information on the internal state of Murex
  • str (string): string (primitive)
  • index: Outputs an element from an array, map or table

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