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Man Pages (POSIX)

Laurence MorganAbout 1 min

Man Pages (POSIX)

Linux/UNIX man page integrations


man page parsing is used extensively throughout Murex. From providing default autocompletions through to quick access of those manuals via the [f1] preview pane.

This document describes the various different integrations around those man pages.

Please note that this is only supported on Linux, macOS, BSD and other UNIX-like platforms. Windows and Plan 9 do not currently support these specific integrations.


Autocomplete, sometimes referred to as "tab-completion", are command and parameter suggestions offered when you press [tab].

A lot of commands will have a bespoke autocomplete config defined for them. However writing autocomplete rules for every command out there would be hugely time consuming and impractical. Thus Murex can automatically generate autocompletions based on the contents of a commands man page.


If you want to quickly read a man page without disrupting your flow in the command line, then you can press [f1] to preview it.

This preview will allow you to keep typing out your command line while also presenting the man page in an easy to read layout.


When you type a command in, you will see a brief description of what that command is, in your hint text. That command will generally be pulled from its accompanying man page.

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Other Integrations

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