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Cheatsheets provided by


Cheat.shopen in new window describe themselves as:

The only cheat sheet you need. Unified access to the best community driven documentation repositories of the world.

This repository of knowledge can be accessed via the [f1] preview screen.


By default, support is disabled.

You can enable it by adding the following to your profile:

config set enabled true

Source Code

The source code is available on Githubopen in new window under /integrations.

See Also

  • ChatGPT: How to enable ChatGPT hints
  • Man Pages (POSIX): Linux/UNIX man page integrations
  • Profile Files: A breakdown of the different files loaded on start up
  • Terminal Hotkeys: A list of all the terminal hotkeys and their uses
  • config: Query or define Murex runtime settings
  • event: Event driven programming for shell scripts
  • murex-docs: Displays the man pages for Murex builtins
  • onPreview: Full screen previews for files and command documentation

Other Integrations

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