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Laurence MorganAbout 3 min


This release introduces a strict mode for variables, new builtin, performance improvements, and better error messages; plus a potential breaking change

There are a number of new features in this release

Breaking Changes:

  • mkarray (a et al) no longer returns an error if the start and end ranges are the same. Instead it returns an array of 1 value.

User Facing Changes:

  • Strict variables now supported (like set -u in Bash). This will mean any variables passed that haven't been initialized beforehand will cause that pipeline to fail. Currently this is opt in, a future release of Murex will flip that and make it opt out. So take this opportunity to enable it in your ~/.murex_profile and test your scripts. Enable this via config:

    config: set proc strict-vars true

    This feature was requested in issue #380open in new window.

  • New builtin: datetime. This builtin allows you to convert date and/or time strings of one format into strings of another format. datetime is a supercharged alternative to the UNIX command date aimed at making scripting easier.

  • mkarray (a et al) now supports dates. eg [01-Jan-20..05-May-21]. If no start nor end date appears then mkarray assumes range starts or ends at current date.

  • openagent profile for image data types has been improved. Murex now better supports tmux and iTerm2.

  • runtime --config now displays FileRef for every set as well as define, named FileRefSet and FileRefDefine respectively. So you can now easily trace where global config is being set and defined.

  • Better error messages in the interactive terminal.

  • Prompt now defaults to only displaying current directory rather than the full path. You can revert this change by adding your own prompt in config. eg:

    config: set shell prompt {
        out "{RESET}{YELLOW}${pwd_short} {RESET}» "
    config: set shell prompt-multiline {
        let len = ${pwd_short -> wc -c} - 1
        printf "%${$len}s » " $linenum
  • Parser updated to better support multiline pipelines where the newline is escaped and a comment exists after issue #379open in new window. This only applies to shell scripts, the interactive terminal hasn't yet been updated to reflect this change.

  • Fixed regression bugs with autocomplete parameters that affected some dynamic blocks.

  • readline now caches syntax highlighting and hint text to improve the responsiveness of the interactive terminal. This is set to a hard limit of 200 cached items however that will be a configurable metric in a future release. Also planned for the future is caching autocompletion suggestions.

  • Loading message added for the default profile, ie the one that is compiled into and thus shipped with Murex.

  • Fixed bug with fid-list and jobs where they were outputting the p.Name struct rather than p.Name.String(). This lead to the process name appearing garbled under some circumstances.

  • {BG-BLUE} emitted the wrong ANSI escape code, this has been corrected.

  • Several readline bug fixes.

Non-User Facing / Maintenance Changes:

  • Thread safe copying of parameters upon fork. The previous code never actually generated any race conditions and I don't think ever could. However it was ambiguous. This new code makes the copy more explicit and appears to have also brought some minor performance improvements in benchmarks too.

  • Behavioural test framework has been refactored to make it easier to add new behavioural tests.

  • Lots of new tests added.

  • Updated documentation.

Published: 09.12.2021 at 08:00

See Also

  • ANSI Constants: Infixed constants that return ANSI escape sequences
  • FileRef: How to track what code was loaded and from where
  • Modules and Packages: An introduction to Murex modules and packages
  • Profile Files: A breakdown of the different files loaded on start up
  • a (mkarray): A sophisticated yet simple way to build an array or list
  • config: Query or define Murex runtime settings
  • datetime: A date and/or time conversion tool (like printf but for date and time values)
  • fid-list: Lists all running functions within the current Murex session
  • ja (mkarray): A sophisticated yet simply way to build a JSON array
  • open: Open a file with a preferred handler
  • openagent: Creates a handler function for open
  • runtime: Returns runtime information on the internal state of Murex
  • ta (mkarray): A sophisticated yet simple way to build an array of a user defined data-type

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