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Laurence MorganAbout 1 min


This release brings a few minor improvements and bug fixes rather than big new headline features.

Breaking Changes:

  • None


  • Added support for ranges to be used as variables. eg

    f: +f -> set v
    echo: @v[2..]
  • Complete re-write of f. It is now the tool I had always intended when I first created that builtin

  • g now supports being run as a method (eg to filter items from a file list)

  • rx now supports being run as a method (eg to filter items from a file list)

  • Updated autocompletes for git

  • Updated autocompletes for terraform

Minor Changes:

  • Added support for profiling

  • Removed unused data types

  • Dropped profile/ prefix from the module string for modules and profiles (as seen in FileRef)

Bug Fixes:

  • Lots of improvements to how || and && are used in other runmode's, try, and trypipe

  • autoglob prompt now has a mutex wrapped around it to prevent concurrent processes sending the prompt haywire

  • Spellchecker no longer underlines partial words

  • Better removal of \x16 and other non-printable characters leaking into readline

Published: 01.08.2022 at 20:10

See Also

  • FileRef: How to track what code was loaded and from where
  • Modules and Packages: An introduction to Murex modules and packages
  • Profile Files: A breakdown of the different files loaded on start up
  • Schedulers: Overview of the different schedulers (or 'run modes') in Murex
  • Spellcheck: How to enable inline spellchecking
  • && And Logical Operator: Continues next operation if previous operation passes
  • [ ..Range ]: Outputs a ranged subset of data from STDIN
  • autocomplete: Set definitions for tab-completion in the command line
  • f: Lists or filters file system objects (eg files)
  • g: Glob pattern matching for file system objects (eg *.txt)
  • runmode: Alter the scheduler's behaviour at higher scoping level
  • rx: Regexp pattern matching for file system objects (eg .*\\.txt)
  • try: Handles non-zero exits inside a block of code
  • trypipe: Checks for non-zero exits of each function in a pipeline
  • || Or Logical Operator: Continues next operation only if previous operation fails

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