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Below are the instructions to download a pre-compiled binary via HTTPS. If you wish to install from source or use your preferred package manager, then please refer to the INSTALL page for further instructions.

All files are approximately 6 MB in size (aside the Plan 9 builds which are 3 MB).

Darwin (macOS)

The arm64 builds support the ARM-based M1 processor. Older Macs will need to run amd64. Murex is also available on Homebrew and MacPorts.








These builds should be treated as experimental. Please use the Linux builds in WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) for a more stable experience on Windows.


This build should be treated as experimental however unlike the other experimental builds (Plan 9 and Windows), Solaris is at least POSIX compliant so expect fewer issues than on the non-POSIX platforms.

Plan 9

Plan9 is untested. The code compiles and it is syscall compatible with Plan9 operating systems, however you may experience bugs using Murex on Plan9. If you do encounter any issues then please raise them at:

Install Instructions

Linux / UNIX / macOS Instructions

Please download the appropriate .gz file from the list above, one that matches both your OS and CPU architecture.

For example, to download a 64bit version for Linux:

gunzip murex-linux-amd64.gz
chmod +x murex-linux-amd64

macOS builds are listed as darwin as per the name of Apple have given to their underlying OS.

Most of these builds have received some level of user acceptance testing with Linux and macOS builds receiving the most attention, because that’s what we use ourselves.

Windows Instructions

Click the Windows link that matches your CPU architecture. Unzip using your preferred too then launch using your preferred console. Murex cannot be started via double clicking the executable – it requires a starting from within an existing console session.

Please also note that Windows support is also considered experimental. In part due to the lack of coreutils (as seen on Linux and UNIX) and in part due to the different underpinning technologies behind consoles / terminal emulators. If you do experience some wonky behavior then our recommendation is to run the linux-amd64 build for Linux on top of WSL. The instructions above will guide you through installing on Linux, WSL install instructions can be found at the following site:

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