Install Instructions

Pre-Compiled Binaries

If you wish to download a pre-compiled binary then head to the page to select your platform.

From Source

Go 1.11 or higher is required

Assuming you already have Go (Golang) installed, you can download the source just by running the following from the command line

go get -u
cd $GOPATH/src/

Test the code (optional stage):

go test ./...

Compile the code:

go build

Then to start the shell:


Inside Docker

If you don't have nor want to install Go and already have docker (and docker-compose installed), then you can install murex using the CI/CD pipeline scripts.

Docker Hub

murex provides two prebuilt images on Docker Hub:

Building Your Own Container

From the project root (the location of this INSTALL.html file) run the following:

docker-compose up --build murex

Required Dependencies

For your information below is a list of packages required by murex:

Optional Dependencies

If you wish do disable any of these then delete the appropriate files in the builtins directory of this project or append // +build ignore to the .go file if you wish to preserve the change in subsequent updates from git.

This is obviously just a subjective matter and everyone will have their own personal preference. However if I was asked what my preference was then that would be Hasklig. It's a clean typeface based off Source Code Pro but with a few added ligatures - albeit subtle ones designed to make Haskell more readable. Those ligatures also suite murex pretty well. So the overall experience is a clean and readable terminal.

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