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%{} Create Map

Laurence MorganLess than 1 minute

%{} Create Map

Quickly generate objects and maps


%{} is a way of defining objects in expressions and statements. Whenever an %{} object is outputted as a string, it will be converted to minified JSON.

Object elements inside %{} can be new line and/or comma delimited. This allows for compatibility with JSON but without the pain of accidentally invalid comma management breaking JSON parsers. However a colon is still required to separate keys from values.

Like with YAML, strings in %[] do not need to be quoted unless you need to force numeric or boolean looking values to be stored as strings.


Object passed as a JSON string:

» echo %{foo: bar}

The % prefix for the nested object is optional:

» %{foo: bar, baz: [1 2 3]}
    "baz": [
    "foo": "bar"

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