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Laurence MorganAbout 2 min


This update has introduced another potential breaking change for your safety: zero length arrays now fail by default. Also errors inside subshells will cause the parent command to fail if ran inside a try or trypipe block.

Breaking Changes:

  • zero length arrays returned from subshells (eg echo @{g this-file-does-not-exist}) should fail by default, like unset variables. This is enabled by default but can be disabled via config: set proc strict-arrays false

  • autoglob should fail if it doesn't match any results. eg @g echo this-file-does-not-exist.*

  • Subshells should fail parent command when used inside try and trypipe blocks. eg try { echo ${false} }


  • function now supports defining parameters

  • Added support fro && eg do-something && do-something-else for chaining successful commands

  • Added support for || eg do-something || do-something-else for chaining unsuccessful commands

  • Added support for writing to the terminal emulator's titlebar via config: set shell titlebar-func { block }

  • titlebar-func can also be written to your tmux window title via config: set shell tmux-echo true.

  • New reserved variable: $HOSTNAME

  • New reserved variables: $1 (and upwards) which correlates to the scope's parameter index. $1 is the functions first parameter. $2 is the second. $13 is the thirteenth.

  • New reserved variable: $0 which contains the function name

  • New event: onCommandCompletion (this is experimental and subject to change in the next release)

  • Macro variables. eg echo Hello ^$name will prompt the user to enter a name. Macro variables are only support in the REPL

  • read now supports flags (eg default option, etc) to allow for a better experience in shell scripting

Minor Changes:

  • You can now overwrite onKeyPress events. This no longer produces an error forcing you to remove the old event before adding the new one

  • Autocompletion suggestions shouldn't be sorted is results include paths (improves the ordering of autocompletion suggestions)

  • Autocompletion suggestions for openagent builtin

  • Autocompletion suggestions for hashtags

  • Test counts re-added to website

  • Windows should show file extensions by default in autocompletion results

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix inverted logic on forceTTY: config: get proc force-tty false set by default, which then proxies STDERR and prints them in red

  • ctrl+c (^c) now currectly sends SIGTERM rather than just ending the child process

  • Better handling of SIGTERM

  • SIGTSTP isn't working. Switched to SIGSTOP when (^z) doesn't

  • Fix panic in event onFilesystemChange where fileRef is not getting passed correctly

  • Fix panic in event onFilesystemChange where path is zero length string

  • Some improvements to variable previews in the REPL

  • count should check if it is a method

  • AST cache now checked more regukarly. This is to reduce the risk of memory leaks during fuzz or load testing

  • murex-docs still referred to len builtin. That should be changed to count

  • Lots of fuzzing added -- a few edge case bugs discovered

Published: 15.05.2022 at 22:49

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