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Character arrays

Laurence MorganLess than 1 minute

Character arrays

Making character arrays (a to z)


You can create arrays from a range of letters (a to z):

» a [a..z]
» a [z..a]
» a [A..Z]
» a [Z..A]

...or any characters within that range.

Please refer to a (mkarray) for more detailed usage of mkarray.


a: [start..end] -> <stdout>
a: [start..end,start..end] -> <stdout>
a: [start..end][start..end] -> <stdout>

All usages also work with ja and ta as well, eg:

ja: [start..end] -> <stdout>
ta: data-type [start..end] -> <stdout>

You can also inline arrays with the %[] syntax, eg:



» a [a..c]
» a [c..a]

See Also

  • Decimal Ranges: Create arrays of decimal integers
  • Non-Decimal Ranges: Create arrays of integers from non-decimal number bases
  • [ ..Range ]: Outputs a ranged subset of data from STDIN
  • [[ Element ]]: Outputs an element from a nested structure
  • a (mkarray): A sophisticated yet simple way to build an array or list
  • count: Count items in a map, list or array
  • ja (mkarray): A sophisticated yet simply way to build a JSON array
  • ta (mkarray): A sophisticated yet simple way to build an array of a user defined data-type
  • index: Outputs an element from an array, map or table

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