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Laurence MorganAbout 1 min


Despite this being a new major version release, it is a vary minor update. Aside from a handful of bugfixes, the most significant change is notice of deprecation for =, let, and ?.

Breaking Changes


Deprecation Warnings

Please read out compatibility commitmentopen in new window to understand how features are deprecated.

  • the ? pipe will be deprecated to make way for a the ternary operator. You can achieve the same result with <err> <!out>, eg command <err> <!out> parameters... | next-command ...

  • the = and let builtins are now officially deprecated. They've been marked as deprecated in the documentation for a couple of years but you'll now receive a deprecation warning when using them. This warning will not impact any functions that call them (they bypass the STDOUT and STDERR pipes and write directly to your TTY) but it is still recommended that you update any existing code not to use it. The change is very simple, Murex supported expressions as first class primitives, so you can simply drop the = and let command names from your expressions


Features marked as EXPERIMENTAL are provided without assurances of future breaking changes. All other features are considered stable as part of Murex's compatibility commitmentopen in new window.

Bug Fixes

  • which and whereis autocompletions were Linux specific. Now they're enabled for all platforms

  • grep and egrep aliases were Linux specific. Now they're enabled for all POSIX platforms

  • zero length environment variables are no longer being reported as null by is-null (issue #786open in new window)

  • fixed edge case where a zero length string could generate a panic when normalising paths (issue #789open in new window)

  • suppress sqlite3 cache error message. The error doesn't impact the operation of Murex, it just spooks users (issue #788open in new window)

Special Thanks

Special thank yous for this release goes to everyone in the discussions group for raising bug reports and their design discussions.

You rock!

Published: 17.02.2024 at 20:47

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