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Laurence MorganLess than 1 minute


This release brings new operators and a builtin, all for managing null types. There is also a substantial revamp to readline's responsiveness.

Breaking Changes


Deprecation Warnings

Please read out compatibility commitmentopen in new window to understand how features are deprecated.

  • the ? pipe will be deprecated to make way for a the ternary operator. You can achieve the same result with <err> <!out>, eg command <err> <!out> parameters... | next-command ...


Features marked as EXPERIMENTAL are provided without assurances of future breaking changes.

  • new operator: null-coalescing, returns the left-most non-null value (read moreopen in new window)

  • new operator: elvis returns the left-most non-falsy value (read moreopen in new window)

  • new builtin: is-null checks if a variable is undefined or null (read moreopen in new window)

  • new autocomplete: signal

  • error message for $1 variables, for when insufficient parameters passed, has been improved

  • website: minor stylesheet updates, plus some new images added

Bug Fixes

  • readline: buffered screen writes to reduce rendering glitches and improve overall responsiveness (issue #744open in new window)

  • autocomplete: gping autocomplete updated to support --color flag

Special Thanks

Special thank yous for this release goes to the following contributors:

You rock!

Published: 09.10.2023 at 22:13

See Also

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