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v4.4 features two new builtins, improvements in testing, and automatic generation of autocompletion suggestions backed by man page parsing. Plus there has been a lot of focus on improving readline responsiveness


Breaking Changes



  • autocompletion: su integration for Linux

  • $GOPATH is no longer required to run unit tests

Bug Fixes

  • readline: paths wouldn't autocomplete on scalars (eg cd $GOPATH/...)

  • readline: previews wouldn't work against variables (eg vi ~/file.txt)


Breaking Changes



  • readline: f1 should work even outside of autocomplete

  • readline: wider preview pane

Bug Fixes

  • readline: fix preview wrapping on long lines

  • readline: image previews should scale to preview height

  • readline: better handling of terminal resizing


Breaking Changes

  • alt+1..9 hotkeys replaced with shift+f1..f12. Changed because alt+numeric rarely worked (read more)



Bug Fixes

  • @IncManPages autocomplete value for Dynamic directive renamed to @IncManPage, like the IncManPage directive

  • readline: render glitch fixed with delayed completions racing against hint text updates

  • readline: render glitches fixed when buffers are not being reset correctly after preview box has, or should have, closed

  • readline: man page preview now removes backspace characters correctly from UNIX docs

  • readline: man page preview now more reliably scrolls to the right line when a flag is highlighted in autocompletion

  • readline: preview now works for list views as well as grid views


Breaking Changes

  • preview-enabled config option removed. This actually doesn't break anything, just produces a warning. The config option was also undocumented and experimental


  • Preview is now considered stable. Press f1 while autocomplete is open to use (read more)

Bug Fixes

  • readline: render glitch fixed with delayed path completions

  • readline: excess white spaces removed from man page descriptions


Breaking Changes

  • 'Name' field dropped from onCommandCompletion interrupt (this field was never documented)


  • New builtin, round, which can perform rounding operations on numerical inputs (#630open in new window, read more)

  • Vastly improved automatic man page parsing. Now descriptions are pulled alongside the flags and results are cached

  • man-get-flags now includes a -d / --description flag to expose the improved man page parser

  • New builtin, return, which exits a given function scope (eg function, private, Dynamic block in autocomplete, etc)

  • Improved git autocompletions

  • find autocompletions added

  • builtin profiles are now imported as separate modules. This makes debugging easier

  • /integrations directory added to Murex source, the aim of which is to make it easier for people to contribute autocompletions and other integrations with common command line tools (Githubopen in new window)

  • readline: new word jump hotkeys ctrl+left / ctrl+right (PC)

  • readline: new word jump hotkeys option+left / option+right (Mac)

Bug Fixes:

  • test would always run first in any block, regardless of the preferred order of execution. This was because test (unit|state|config) required altering the execution state of the shell. The drawback was that test (run|define|report) would also run unexpectedly. This lead to hacks like try { test run * } to force the correct order of operations. Now the parameters of test are checked to determine when to execute the builtin.

  • int types couldn't be compared against num types with >, >=, <, <= operators

  • readline: ^d will not send EOF if line is not empty. The original behaviour was by design however after pressing ^d a few too many times when I intended to press ^f or ^r, I decided the original design was wrong

  • FileRef wasn't being set in test. This caused some tests to fail if they called private functions

  • Check ~/.ssh/config exists before trying to parse it in getHostsFile private (used for SSH and similar tools autocompletions)

  • readline: lots of work done on speeding up redraws and overall responsiveness. eg buffered autocompletion menus

  • readline: hint text should never be displayed if disabled via config

  • readline: soft timeout halved (this can be overridden via config)

  • readline: cropped autocompletion suggestions in gridded layout were one character too short (off by one error)

Published: 27.07.2023 at 23:12

See Also

  • FileRef: How to track what code was loaded and from where
  • Terminal Hotkeys: A list of all the terminal hotkeys and their uses
  • autocomplete: Set definitions for tab-completion in the command line
  • config: Query or define Murex runtime settings
  • event: Event driven programming for shell scripts
  • expr: Expressions: mathematical, string comparisons, logical operators
  • function: Define a function block
  • int: Whole number (primitive)
  • man-get-flags: Parses man page files for command line flags
  • num (number): Floating point number (primitive)
  • onCommandCompletion: Trigger an event upon a command's completion
  • private: Define a private function block
  • return: Exits current function scope
  • round: Round a number by a user defined precision
  • test: Murex's test framework - define tests, run tests and debug shell scripts

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