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Laurence MorganLess than 1 minute


This release comes with a number of experimental but stable features that might eventually become standard practice. The features are there to use if you with but adjacent from the older code so there is zero risk in updating to this version.

Breaking Changes:

  • None


  • New data-type jsonc (Concatenated JSON). This is an experimental parser for reading multiple JSON documents in a single file or stream. The expectation is that it will eventually replace jsonl (jsonlines) and possibly even the default json data-type

  • Autocomplete can now split on =. However this is an experimental feature

  • New autocomplete directive: Goto. This is an experimental way to add a little more structure to autocomplete definitions without resorting to using dynamic code everywhere

  • autocomplete directive FlagValues now supports two values: "*" and "". These define default properties regardless of the flag used

Minor Changes:

  • Unmatched records in index ([) when parsing a table now produces the same configurable behavior (erroring by default but which can be disabled) as when using index against an object

  • Autocompletion suggestions for yarn

  • Data-type field in function is now optional

  • Lots of improvements to the docs

Bug Fixes:

  • $MyVar[[/path/to/element]] now behaves the same when used infixed as it did when used as a function

Published: 23.05.2022 at 22:23

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