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Laurence MorganAbout 2 min


This release includes significant changes to the interactive terminal

This release brings some major improvements to the discoverability of commands and their parameters in the interactive terminal.

User Facing Changes:

  • New builtin: method. This is used to help turn some commands into a "method", similar in concept to object orientated development where the tab- completer will return a list of other commands that are compatible with the formers output data types. It's purely an autocompletion tool and has no effect in shell scripts.

  • Autocompletion suggestions will differ based on what pipes are used. The idea behind this is to improve the discoverability of commands. All tokens can still be used to pipeline to any command type (like before). This rule only affects autocomplete suggestions in the interactive prompt.

    • | will show all available aliases, functions, builtins and external commands, as usual

    • -> will default to showing only compatible commands defined in method (see above), however if no methods are found then -> will fall back to suggesting all available aliases, functions, builtins and external commands, like |.

    The idea here is for -> to surface commands that are commonly expected to be pipelined together but without forcing the user to pause and remember which token exposes what commands. While | is still available for familiarity

  • Autocompletion de-duplication now places hyphen-prefixed flags at the end of the results when sorting. This helps bring more relevant flags forward, with hyphen-prefixed flags still visible when users press -

  • External commands return a error message if the exit status is non-zero (issue #299open in new window)

    » exec: false
    Error in `exec` (1,1): exit status 1
  • Index() ([) now returns a different data type from the root object if the element is a string, integer, float64, boolean or nil (issue #316open in new window)

  • runtime was missing a few flags for reporting supported data types against the newer APIs

  • Generic types (* / generic) to include two spaces between columns when marshalled

  • Syntax highlighter colour tweaks -- no longer using background highlighting because that looks weird and unreadable on some terminal colour schemes

  • Bug fixes to the fast parser

  • Bug fixes to readline merged from v2.2.1200 (issue #362open in new window)

Non-User Facing / Maintenance Changes:

  • hcl and bson types now use ReadArray templates so their behavior should mimic JSON and YAML

  • Fast parser is now aware of which pipe token (eg |, ->, =>, ?) is used

  • Unit test concurrency fix

  • New tests written for the fast parser

  • Refactored code around hint text and completions to allow for a potential new UI feature to be built in the future

  • Updated documentation

Published: 26.09.2021 at 11:33

See Also

  • -> Arrow Pipe: Pipes STDOUT from the left hand command to STDIN of the right hand command
  • method: Define a methods supported data-types
  • runtime: Returns runtime information on the internal state of Murex
  • | POSIX Pipe: Pipes STDOUT from the left hand command to STDIN of the right hand command

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