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Laurence MorganAbout 2 min


Murex usage has raised considerably in recent weeks. This release addresses a number of feature requests and bugs raised on Github.

Breaking Changes



  • new flag in foreach: --step <int>. This allows the foreach to jump indexes at a time. When used, all the lines jumped are merged into a JSON array and that is passed to the foreach nested code block

  • new alias builtin => fexec builtin. This was added to bring more familiarity to those coming from Bash et al (#608open in new window)

  • on Darwin, Homebrew defaults are imported, just like you'd expect them to be from any other shell

  • new hotkeys (#611open in new window) (#613open in new window):

    1. ctrl+a: jump to beginning of line

    2. ctrl+e: jump to end of line

    3. alt+f: jump forwards a word at a time

    4. alt+b: jump backwards a word at a time

    5. ctrl+k: clear line after cursor position

    6. ctrl+l: clear entire screen

    7. ctrl+g: same as esc

  • open builtin should fallback to system default if type unknown (#620open in new window)

  • pre-prompt-func added to config. Block runs before the interactive prompt is displayed

  • post-prompt-func added to config. Block runs after the interactive prompt has been exited but before any command lines have been executed

  • auto-cd option added to config: config: set shell auto-cd true. This allows you to traverse directories without having to prefix cd. By default it is disabled

  • Meta values added to foreach, formap, and while. Meta values are a $. variable that holds meta-information about the running block, such as the number of iterations in a loop

  • command alias for exec (for familiarity with Bash)

  • builtin alias for fexec builtin (for familiarity with Bash)

Bug Fixes

  • brace encapsulated variables, eg $(foobar), now autocomplete as expected

  • improvements to inlining images in iTerm2 when shell running on top of tmux. It still doesn't work reliably but this is an issue with tmux rather than Murex

  • method forwards exceptions rather than errors. This behaviour has been changed to surface issues as errors

  • added to profile defaults. This will be loaded before any of the OS-specific profiles

  • missing rune length check causing the shell to panic (#617open in new window)

  • fixed deadlock in flag parsing

  • zero length string title bars should be ignored (#614open in new window)

  • minor improvements to documentation

Published: 19.06.2023 at 23:15

See Also

  • Interactive Shell: What's different about Murex's interactive shell?
  • Terminal Hotkeys: A list of all the terminal hotkeys and their uses
  • alias: Create an alias for a command
  • config: Query or define Murex runtime settings
  • exec: Runs an executable
  • fexec: Execute a command or function, bypassing the usual order of precedence.
  • foreach: Iterate through an array
  • formap: Iterate through a map or other collection of data
  • method: Define a methods supported data-types
  • open: Open a file with a preferred handler
  • while: Loop until condition false

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