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Laurence MorganLess than 1 minute


This release includes mostly bug fixes and new experimental features which are opt into. To enable all experimental features, set the environmental variable MUREX_EXPERIMENTAL to any value. Or you can enable specific features individually via config

Breaking Changes

  • None


  • default statement added to switch (this will deprecate catch, albeit catch will remain supported for compatibility)

  • Option to change start directory: config: set shell start-directory $path (where $path is the working directory you wish to start the shell in)

  • onCommandCompletion event no spawns a pty. This allows capturing of stdout while still presenting a tty to the executing process

  • EXPERIMENTAL: preview files. This can be enabled via config: set shell preview-enabled true

  • EXPERIMENTAL: preview images. This can be enabled via config: set shell preview-images true

  • EXPERIMENTAL: tty buffer. This can be enabled via config: set shell tty-buffer-enabled true

  • ctrl+r has been tweaked to make it more user friendly

  • Long overdue SIGWINCH signal handler to reflow after terminal resized

  • Lots of improvements to documentation

Non-User Facing / Maintenance Changes:

  • none

Bug Fixes

  • re-added columns data-type to fix jobs builtin

  • added bang alternatives to the glob exception list

  • added missing support for && tokens in expressions

  • ![] can now produce empty maps

  • fixed regression bug in file pipe mutex

  • fixed missing bounds check in statement parser

Published: 12.02.2023 at 21:22

See Also

  • Rosetta Stone: A tabulated list of Bashism's and their equivalent Murex syntax
  • switch: Blocks of cascading conditionals

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