User Guide: Terminal Hotkeys

A list of all the terminal hotkeys and their uses

Terminal Hotkeys

tab: autocomplete

Provides autocompletion suggestions. Press esc to hide suggestions.

ctrl+c: kill foreground process

Pressing this will send a kill (SIGINT) request to the foreground process.

ctrl+d: end of file

Send EOF (end of file). If the shell is sat on the prompt then this will exit that running session.

ctrl+f: search autocomplete suggestions

This will allow you to perform a regexp search through the autocompletion suggestions. Thus allowing you to quickly navigate complex command options or jump to specific sub-directories.

Press esc to cancel regexp search.

ctrl+r: search shell history

This brings up your timestamped shell history as an autocomplete list with regexp search activated. Using ctrl+r you can rapidly rerun previous command lines.

Press esc to cancel history completion.

ctrl+u: clear line

Clears the current line.

ctrl+\: kill all running processes

This will kill all processes owned by the current murex session. Including any background processes too.

This function is a effectively an emergency kill switch to bring you back to the command prompt.

Use sparingly because it doesn’t allow processes to end graceful.

ctrl+z: suspend foreground process

Suspends the execution of the current foreground process. You can then use job control to resume execution in either the foreground or background. (read more)

esc (aka “vim keys”)

Pressing esc while no autocomplete suggestions are shown will switch the line editor into vim keys mode.

Press i to return to normal editing mode.

Supported keys

Full Screen Editing via $EDITOR

When in “vim keys” mode, press v to bring up the visual editor. The editor will be whichever command is stored in the $EDITOR environmental variable.

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