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User Guide: murex profile files

A breakdown of the different files loaded on start up

murex has several profile files which are loaded in the following order of execution:

  1. ~/.murex_preload
  2. ~/.murex_modules/*/
  3. ~/.murex_profile


This file should only used to define any environmental variables that might need to be set before the modules are loaded (eg including directories in $PATH if you have anything installed in non-standard locations).

Most of the time this file will be empty bar the standard warning message:

# This file is loaded before any murex modules. It should only contain
# environmental variables required for the modules to work eg:
#     export PATH=...
# Any other profile config belongs in your profile script instead:
# /home/$USER/.murex_profile

This file is created upon the first run of murex.


murex's module directory - where all the modules are installed to. This directory is managed by murex-package builtin.


This file is comparable to .bash_profile, .bashrc and .zshrc etc. It is the standard place to put all user and/or machine specific config in.

.murex_profile is only read from the users home directory. Unlike bash et al, profiles will not be read from /etc/profile.d nor similar. Modules should be used in its place.

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