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Data-Type Reference: mxjson

Murex-flavoured JSON (primitive)


mxjson is an extension to JSON designed to integrate more seamlessly when use as a configuration file. Thus mxjson supports comments and murex code blocks embedded into the JSON schema.

mxjson is a format that is pre-parsed into a valid JSON format.

mxjson isn’t currently a proper murex data-type in that you cannot marshal and unmarshal mxjson files. Currently it is a format that is only supported by a small subset of murex builtins (eg config and autocomplete) where config might embed murex code blocks.

mxjson features the following enhancements:

Line Comments

Line comments are prefixed with a ‘hash’, #, just like with regular murex code.

Block Quotation

Code blocks are quoted with (, ). For example, below “ExampleFunction” uses the ({ block quote }) method.

    "ExampleFunction": ({
        out: "This is an example _murex_ function"
        if { =1==2 } then {
            err: "The laws of the universe are broken"

Any block quoted by this method will be converted to the following valid JSON:

    "ExampleFunction": "\n    out: \"This is an example _murex_ function\"\n    if { =1==2 } then {\n        err: \"The laws of the universe are broken\"\n    }"

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