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Parser Reference: Append Pipe (>>) Token

Redirects STDOUT to a file and append its contents


This is used to redirect the STDOUT of a command and append it to a file. If that file does not exist, then the file is created.

This behaves similarly to the Bash (et al) token except it doesn’t support adding alternative file descriptor numbers. Instead you will need to use named pipes to achieve the same effect in murex.


» out: "Hello" >> example.txt
» out: "World!" >> example.txt
» open: example.txt


This is just syntactic sugar for -> >>. Thus when the parser reads code like the following:

echo "foobar" >> example.txt

it will compile an abstract syntax tree which would reflect the following code instead:

echo "foobar" | >> example.txt

Truncating a file

To truncate a file (ie overwrite its contents) use |> instead.

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