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Command Reference: tread

read a line of input from the user and store as a user defined typed variable


A readline function to allow a line of data inputed from the terminal and then store that as a typed variable.


tread: data-type "prompt" var_name

<stdin> -> tread: data-type var_name


tread: qs "Please paste a URL: " url
out: "The query string values included were:"
$url -> format json

out: Please paste a URL: -> tread: qs url
out: "The query string values included were:"
$url -> format json


If tread is called as a method then the prompt string is taken from STDIN. Otherwise the prompt string will be the first parameter. However if no prompt string is given then tread will not write a prompt.

The last parameter will be the variable name to store the string read by tread. This variable cannot be prefixed by dollar, $, otherwise the shell will write the output of that variable as the last parameter rather than the name of the variable.

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