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Command Reference: test

murex’s test framework - define tests, run tests and debug shell scripts


test is used to define tests, run tests and debug murex shell scripts.


Define an inlined test

test: define test-name { json-properties }

Define a state report

test: state name { code block }

Define a unit test

test: unit function|private|open|event test-name { json-properties }

Enable or disable boolean test states (more options available in config)

test: config [ enable|!enable ] [ verbose|!verbose ] [ auto-report|!auto-report ]

Disable test mode


Execute a function with testing enabled

test: run { code-block }

Execute unit test(s)

test: run package/module/test-name|*

Write report

test: report


Inlined test

function: hello-world {
    test: define example {
        "StdoutRegex": (^Hello World$)

    out: <test_example> "Hello Earth"

test: run { hello-world }

Unit test

test: unit function aliases {
    "PreBlock": ({
        alias ALIAS_UNIT_TEST=example param1 param2 param3
    "StdoutRegex": "([- _0-9a-zA-Z]+ => .*?\n)+",
    "StdoutType": "str",
    "PostBlock": ({
        !alias ALIAS_UNIT_TEST

function: aliases {
    # Output the aliases in human readable format
    runtime: --aliases -> formap: name alias {
        $name -> sprintf: "%10s => ${esccli @alias}\n"
    } -> cast: str

test: run aliases



test: report is only needed if config: test auto-report is set false. However test: run automatically enables auto-report.

When the report is generated, be it automatically or manually triggered, it flushes the table of pending reports.


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