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Command Reference: <stdin>

Read the STDIN belonging to the parent code block


This is used inside functions and other code blocks to pass that block's STDIN down a pipeline


<stdin> -> <stdout>


When writing more complex scripts, you cannot always invoke your read as the first command in a code block. For example a simple pipeline might be:

» function: example { -> match: 2 }

But this only works if -> is the very first command. The following would fail:

# Incorrect code
function: example {
    out: "only match 2"
    -> match 2

This is where <stdin> comes to our rescue:

function: example {
    out: "only match 2"
    <stdin> -> match 2

This could also be written as:

function: example { out: "only match 2"; <stdin> -> match 2 }


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