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Command Reference: read

read a line of input from the user and store as a variable


A readline function to allow a line of data inputed from the terminal.


Classic usage:

read: "prompt" var_name

<stdin> -> read: var_name

Script usage:

read: [ --prompt "prompt"         ]
      [ --variable var_name       ]
      [ --default "default value" ]
      [ --datatype data-type      ]
      [ --mask character          ]


Classic usage:

read: "What is your name? " name
out: "Hello $name"

out: What is your name? -> read: name
out: "Hello $name"

Script usage:

read: --prompt "Are you sure? [Y/n]" \
      --variable yn \
      --default Y


read: --prompt "Password: " --variable pw --mask *



Classic Usage

If read is called as a method then the prompt string is taken from STDIN. Otherwise the prompt string will be the first parameter. However if no prompt string is given then read will not write a prompt.

The last parameter will be the variable name to store the string read by read. This variable cannot be prefixed by dollar, $, otherwise the shell will write the output of that variable as the last parameter rather than the name of the variable.

The data type the read line will be stored as is str (string). If you require this to be different then please use tread (typed read) or call read with the --datatype flag as per the script usage.

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