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Command Reference: getfile

Makes a standard HTTP request and return the contents as murex-aware data type for passing along murex pipelines.


Fetches a resource from a URL - setting STDOUT data-type


getfile url -> <stdout>




This simply fetches a resource (via HTTP GET request) from a URL and returns the byte stream to STDOUT. It will set STDOUT's data-type based on MIME defined in the Content-Type HTTP header.

It is recommended that you only use this command if you're pipelining the output (eg writing to file or passing on to another function). If you just want to render the output to the terminal then use open which has hooks for smart terminal rendering.

Configurable options

getfile has a number of behavioral options which can be configured via murex's standard config tool:

config: -> [ http ]

To change a default, for example the user agent string:

config: set http user-agent "bob"

This enables sane, repeatable and readable defaults. Read the documents on config for more details about it's usage and the rational behind the command.

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