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Command Reference: fid-list

Lists all running functions within the current murex session


fid-kill will terminate a running murex function in a similar way that the POSIX kill (superficially speaking).

Multiple flags cannot be used with each other.


fid-list [ flag ] -> <stdout>

jobs is an alias for fid-list: --jobs: jobs ->



Because murex is a multi-threaded shell, builtins are not forked processes like in a traditional / POSIX shell. This means that you cannot use the operating systems default process viewer (eg ps) to list murex functions. This is where fid-list comes into play. It is used to view all the functions and processes that are managed by the current murex session. That would include: * any aliases within murex * public and private murex functions * builtins (eg fid-list is a builtin command) * any external processes that were launched from within this shell session * any background functions or processes of any of the above


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