ReadMap() (type) - API Reference

Treat data type as a key/value structure and read its contents


This is a function you would write when programming a Murex data-type.

It’s called by builtins to allow them to read data structures one key/value pair at a time.

The purpose of this function is to allow builtins to support sequential reads (where possible) and also create a standard interface for builtins, thus allowing them to be data-type agnostic.


Registering your ReadMap()

// To avoid confusion, this should only happen inside func init()
stdio.RegisterReadMap(/* your type name */, /* your readMap func */)


Example ReadMap() function:

package json

import (

func readMap(read stdio.Io, _ *config.Config, callback func(*stdio.Map)) error {
    // Create a marshaller function to pass to ArrayWithTypeTemplate
    marshaller := func(v interface{}) ([]byte, error) {
        return json.Marshal(v, read.IsTTY())

    return lang.MapTemplate(types.Json, marshaller, json.Unmarshal, read, callback)


There isn’t (yet) a template read function for types to call. However that might follow in a future release of Murex.


  1. stdio.Io: stream to read from (eg STDIN)
  2. *config.Config: scoped config (eg your data type might have configurable parsing rules)
  3. func(key, value string, last bool): callback function: key and value of map plus boolean which is true if last element in row (eg reading from tables rather than key/values)

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