Command Reference

This section is a glossary of Murex builtin commands.

Because Murex is loosely modelled on the functional paradigm, it means all language constructs are exposed via functions and those are typically builtins because they can share the Murex runtime virtual machine. However any executable command can also be called from within Murex; be that either via the exec builtin or natively like you would from any Linux, UNIX, or even Windows command prompt.

Other Reference Material

Language Guides

  1. Language Tour, which is an introduction into the Murex language.
  2. Rosetta Stone, which is a reference table comparing Bash syntax to Murex’s.

Murex’s Source Code

The source for each of these builtins can be found on Github.

Shell Commands For Querying Builtins

From the shell itself: run builtins to list the builtin command.

If you require a manual on any of those commands, you can run murex-docs to return the same markdown-formatted document as those listed below. eg

murex-docs trypipe


Optional Builtins

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